Best Way to Store Cupcakes

Can I bake cupcakes a couple of days in advance? What’s the best way to store cupcakes after I’ve baked them?

Answer: If you want the freshest, best tasting cupcakes, you’ll want to bake and decorate them within the same day of your event. Putting a frosting coat on the cupcake will help seal the cake in and keep it moist. However, there are occasions when trying to do this in one day is not possible. I’ve stored my cupcakes in the refrigerator before, but if that’s not possible and your room temperature is relatively cool you can store them in a cupcake caddy or holder. I’ve also seen people use other types of plastic containers, but I am sensitive to making sure food products are stored in food-safe environments. You can easily store and transport up to 36 cupcakes.

Please note that my storage suggestions are for cupcakes that have butter cream frosting, but no candy or fondant decorations. You also need to keep in mind that if you store cupcakes in the refrigerator with decorations, the decorations will develop condensation once outside. In most cases, the condensation beads up and dries. But if you have some delicate coloring or dusting powder on anything, it may affect it. Also, some decorations may run or melt if allowed to stay on a cupcake for more than 24 hours.