Caster Sugar in Cupcakes

I have been making cupcakes for a while and they all turned out great! My Dad suggested I try caster sugar in my recipe, so one day I made the cupcakes using this ingredient (I’ve always used white granulated sugar). Unfortunately, the cupcakes turned out awful. My brother said they tasted like “fish” and it was all brown on the inside. What’s wrong, please help!

I know that caster sugar is a finer texture than regular granulated sugar. Since it’s a finer sugar, it dissolves a lot more quickly. In fact, it’s often times used in cake recipes to help increase volume. I would have expected that the sugar would affect how your cupcakes baked, but the bad taste is really shocking. I can’t think of a reason why caster sugar would create such an awful flavor. Sugar can absorb moisture, but the worst thing that happens is it gets hard and clumpy. If you had such a bad result with the substitution, it’s probably best to stay with regular sugar for your recipes.