Edible Photo Cupcake Toppers

How do you stop the edible photo cupcake toppers from wilting on the frosting?

Answer: To be honest, I haven’t personally used edible photo images as cupcake toppers as of yet. But I have two ideas on this:

1) Frosting with high butter content will wilt easily no matter what type of decoration is on a cupcake. One suggestion is to use a frosting that doesn’t use ingredients that are so temperature sensitive such as shortening and non-dairy ingredients.

2) Place the edible wafer designs on fondant. Just roll out the fondant on a flat surface and adhere the design to it. You may need to let the fondant sit out until it sets up a bit.

I am happy to report that Elaine from Candy Cupcake had the best result from placing the design on a fondant disc (see photo above).

Thanks Candy Cupcake for sharing!