What’s the difference between store bought flour or professional flour from a 50lb bag? What about bleached or unbleached? And what about All Purpose v.s. Cake Flour?


Store bought v.s. Professional: You should not see any difference whether you purchase a 50 pound bag of all purpose flour or a 5 pound bag from the grocery store.

Bleached v.s. Unbleached: Manufacturers use a chemical process called bleaching to “soften” flour so it can be used for cooking. Flour can soften by itself over time, but it typically takes about 6 months. Flours that have naturally softened are labeled “unbleached.” Some bakers say they notice a difference in the taste between the two types of flours and prefer unbleached.

All Purpose v.s. Cake Flour: The difference between these two flours is the type of wheat used. All purpose flour is made with hard and soft wheat while cake flour is made with just soft wheat. The softer quality allows cakes to have a tender crumb which is why it’s used in cake baking.