Flower Fun Happy Birthday Cupcakes


Difficulty Level: Experienced

These sweet Birthday cupcakes send just the right message to that special someone in your life. You can easily make the fondant flowers and plaques ahead of time for quick assembly once the cupcakes are baked and frosted.

Bakery/Cake Goods Needed:

  • Your favorite batch of vanilla cupcakes

  • Your favorite butter cream frosting

Flower Decoration Supplies:
  • 1 small batch of premade fondant

  • Small rolling pin

  • Daisy flower cutter

  • Mini floral cutter

  • Wax paper

  • Pink, purple and green food color
    (we used Wilton’s paste food color)

  • White, Pink and Yellow Decorator sprinkles
Plaque Supplies:
  • 1 small batch of premade fondant (homemade or store bought)

  • Metal round shaped cutters
    (we used the 1” round cutter from
    Wilton’s Round Fondant Cut-outs)

  • Small rolling pin

  • Wilton #3 Round Tip

  • Icing Bag

  • Bag Coupler

Cupcake Icing Tools:
  • Wilton #1M Star Tip

  • Icing Bag

Finishing Touches:
  • Pink and White cupcake liners

Directions for making the flowers:

Step 1: Divide the premade fondant into four pieces. Tint one piece pink, another purple and a third green. Leave the last piece white.

Step 2: With the rolling pin, roll out the pink and purple fondant on a flat surface. With the different size floral cutters, cut out flower shapes from the colored fondant.

Step 3: Press decorator sprinkles into centers of small flowers. Roll small balls of colored fondant for the centers of the larger flowers. Set these aside to dry.

Directions for making the leaves:

Step 1: Roll green fondant into small balls.

Step 2: With your thumb press the ball flat. Shape the ends into a point with your fingers. Set these aside to dry.

Directions for making the plaques:

Step 1: With a rolling pin, roll out the white fondant on a flat surface. With the 1” round cutter, cut out circles from the fondant.

Step 2: Set these aside to dry preferably overnight.

Step 3: Fit icing bag with the coupler and a #3 round tip. Tint a small amount of butter cream light purple.

Step 4: Pipe out “Happy” and “B-day” on the round circles. For “Happy” we cut one circle in half in order to fit all the letters.

Step 5: Set aside to dry.

Directions for Icing the Cupcakes:

Step 1: Fill the icing bag with butter cream and fit the opening with the Wilton #1M Star metal tip. Divide icing in half and tint one part pink. Using a circular motion, squeeze out white icing to cover the top of the cupcakes. Ice the remaining cupcakes with pink icing.

Step 2: Place a daisy, a couple of small flowers and a plaque on each cupcake.