Keep Cupcake Liners Looking Pretty

Is there a trick to make the liners look pretty after the cupcakes are baked. My liners always look greasy and no longer have the color and designs that the pre-baked liners do.

Yes, that tends to be a problem with some liners and some colors. I’ve found a couple of things affect the end result of the liner after a cupcake is baked in it. Below are some tricks of the trade you can try:

1) Quality of the liner – Inexpensive and thin brands tend to soak in more grease and moisture. A better quality liner can often times hold up better.

2) Color (of the liner and cupcake batter) – A light colored cupcake batter can help retain your color for either light or dark colored liners. However, the dark colored liners can really affect how the liner looks after the cupcake is baked in them. Whenever possible, try to avoid baking a dark cupcake in a light colored liner. If you need a light colored wrapping for the cupcake, use a cupcake wrapper which you can put on the cupcake after it’s baked.

3) Choose a liner that prevents bleed through – I actually found a cupcake liner that claimed it maintained its color even after baking. This brand was made by Reyholds and was lined with a silver paper. The liner performed well, but you are limited on colors and designs.

4) Double line your cupcake cups – You can try putting two liners together and baking the cupcakes double-lined. You’ll still get some separation between the two liners, but if the cupcakes are relatively fresh this isn’t too big of a problem. I’ve done with when I’ve baked cupcakes in a liner with a pretty design. I’ll put a plain liner in a solid color on the inside and the pretty liner on the outside.