Leopard Print Fondant

How do I create a leopard print design for fondant? I am covering 9” cake.

Answer: Creating designs on fondant is fun, but can also be a challenge if you’re not sure what technique to apply. Here are some ideas you can use to create your leopard print design:

Painting: One technique would be to cover the cake with white or beige fondant and let it let up so the surface is dry rather than moist. (If you’re covering cupcakes, cut out your fondant rounds and set them aside to dry.) Next, find the appropriate food colors to create your design. You will definitely need black and brown (Ivory can work as well if you use it straight from the container). With the food safe paint brush, “paint” your leopard print onto the surface of your cake. Start by painting a circle or oval with the brown and ivory colors. Next paint the black round the outside. (You don’t have to outline it, you can leave some parts open.)

Frosting: Melissa from My Cake School has a technique for creating leopard print “cupcakes” by piping the design in frosting.

Hope these ideas help. Let me know how your cake turns out!