Melted Candy on Cupcakes

Why do some candies “melt” into the cupcake frosting over night?

Answer: I’m not sure what type of candies you are using, but I’ll try to answer the best I can. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If you are storing your cupcakes in the refrigerator, condensation can build up on the candy. After the cupcakes are removed from the cool environment, the candies would become wet. I’ve had decorations develop a “sweat” after being taken from the fridge. For me, the moisture dried up and didn’t run, but sometimes you’re not always that lucky! Another thing that can happen is the grease or moisture from the frosting can be absorbed into the candy and cause it to soften and melt.

What many cupcake artists do is decorate cupcakes just before serving. That of course, is a labor intensive proposition. If that won’t work, perhaps you can put your candies on at the very last minute. It will keep your display fresh looking and allow you to do much of the icing and decorating ahead of time.