What to Charge

What should I charge for my cupcakes?

Answer: This is often a sticky question for any cupcake or cake decorator since some designs are much more labor intensive to make. For comparison, a basic decorated cake is about $5 per person or serving. More complex designs can be any where from $6 – $8 per person or serving. If you are decorating with fondant, it may be even higher than this. Cupcakes would be priced somewhat similar roughly $3 – $5 per cupcake depending on the design. A fondant cupcake, particularly one with an intricate rose or other flower, would commmand a much higher price. When figuring out a delivery fee you will need to calculate your mileage/gas, time spent driving and set up time. For local deliveries you may want to charge a flat rate like $30, but anything beyond that charge by the mile.